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Caviars -Χαβιαρι
Cheese - Τυριά
Deep Fry - Τηγανιτα
Fish Fillet - Φιλέτο Ψαριων
Fresh Fish -Φρεσκα Ψαρια
MEAT - Κρέατα
Mollusc - Μαλάκια
Other Products
Prawns - Γαριδες
Salads - Σαλατες
Shell Fish - Οστρακοειδη
Smoked & Marinated Fish - Καπνιστά & Μαριναρισμένα Ψάρια

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Maxifoods Cyprus is a well-known and established food wholesaler with more than 17 years of experience offering a wide array of products primarily in fresh and frozen fish and all seafood products and frozen meat, which aim to serve and meet the needs of Cypriot food businesses. But what really sets Maxifoods apart, is the company’s core values and principles, its superior products’ quality, the uncompromising high food safety standards and its focus on customer service and satisfaction.

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