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Maxifoods Cyprus FacilitiesMaxifoods was launched in 2001 with the objective to introduce to the Cyprus market high quality food products.The venture proved to be an astounding success.

The two milestones in the company’s historical development were the relocation in 2007 to its current fully fletched operating facilities, and the completion in 2014 of a modern and unique section for the processing and packaging of fresh fish in protective atmosphere.

With a turnover of over €8 million and an annual growth rate above 10% in recent years, our company is now a well-established food wholesaler specialist for fresh and frozen meats, fish and sea foods and the leader in fresh fish filleting and packing in our market.

Vision and practice


At Maxifoods we are dedicated and fully committed to being a reliable and trustworthy trading partner and a respectable business entity with in our community. We strive for growth and prosperity through continuous investments in human resources, infrastructure and new technologies in order to deliver superior quality products and value added services to our customers.

We work closely with reputable suppliers and honour all our obligations to them and we fully respect the rights of our employees and provide to them earnings pursuant to their skills and qualifications and a decent work environment.

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Our clientele includes

  • ► all leading hotels in Cyprus,
  • ► all restaurant types including fish and sushi restaurants and restaurant chains,
  • ► The Leading food retailers.
  • ► Specialized fish wholesales retail shops.
  • ► Catering establishments and other food wholesalers.


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Our product portfolio includes

  • ► The whole range of fresh and frozen whole fish and fish fillets from open sea fishing and marine culture.
  • ► Specialized fish fillet products for sushi and sashimi, imported and custom made
  • ► Live lobsters, oysters, mussels and clams,
  • ► Frozen prawns and all the other available frozen shell fish,
  • ► Frozen molluscs: octopus, squid, cuttlefish and other sea foods,
  • ► Specialized products such as caviar and terrines
  • ► A wide range of frozen and fresh meats, farm raised and game,
  • ► Frozen cheeses.

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why work with us

Maxifoods Cyprus is a well-known and established food wholesaler with more than 17 years of experience offering a wide array of products primarily in fresh and frozen fish and all seafood products and frozen meat, which aim to serve and meet the needs of Cypriot food businesses. But what really sets Maxifoods apart, is the company’s core values and principles, its superior products’ quality, the uncompromising high food safety standards and its focus on customer service and satisfaction.

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