MAxifoods Cyprus

Fresh Fish in Cyprus

Fresh and frozen wholesale Fish in Cyprus. Atmosphere controlled packaging!



Fresh and frozen Meat - Exquisite pieces from the finest European suppliers. 


Fresh Fish wholesale

Fresh Tsipoura and Lavraki fish from selected Fish Farms in Cyprus. The shortest way from the Med into your plate.


Live fresh or frozen

Controlled environment

Outstanding Quality

innovative technology

The best packaging of fresh fish available in Cyprus

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what we do

Maxifoods was launched in 2001 with the objective to introduce to the Cyprus market high quality food products. Maxifoods Cyprus is a fresh and frozen food wholesaler and we specialize in frozen meat products, frozen and fresh fish that we filet and package on a state-of-the-art packaging line...

Fileting Fresh Fish

The Maxidfoods Fresh fish filleting and packaging chain is unique in Cyprus. The atmosphere controlled packaging assures always outstanding quality of the end product...

New Production Unit



Since November 2014 Maxifoods operates a modern 500 m2 fresh fish processing and packaging unit, which is unique in Cyprus. The unit operates under the highest safety standards, with BRC grade “A” certification, ensuring the highest quality for the products produced. The unit’s unique operating characteristics comprise the following

why work with us

Maxifoods Cyprus is a well-known and established food wholesaler with more than 17 years of experience offering a wide array of products primarily in fresh and frozen fish and all seafood products and frozen meat, which aim to serve and meet the needs of Cypriot food businesses. But what really sets Maxifoods apart, is the company’s core values and principles, its superior products’ quality, the uncompromising high food safety standards and its focus on customer service and satisfaction.

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Product quality

Superior product quality through our selected suplliers

Superior product quality has been a long term and widely acknowledged trademark for our company...


High food safety

Uncompromising high food safety

We always consider Uncompromising highest food safety as the corner stone of our business in Cyprus.


Customer service

Focus on customer service and satisfaction

Maxifoods set the Focus on customer service and satisfaction and we aim to always meet and exceed our customers’ needs.


Products Variety

Extended Range of life, fresh and frozen Products

Maxifoods is continously extending its range of available products in Cyprus: Live, Fresh or Frozen.



Maxifoods Cyprus


Our company is the answer to the Cypriot market’s need for large, high-quality fish. We began in 2000, and since then have worked exclusively with producers that are trusted names in the food industry as a way of ensuring high quality.

At the same time, we make sure that right up to the moment we deliver our fish, the cold chain is unbroken.

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